Ng Jia Yue

Principal Consultant Speech and Language Therapist


National University of Singapore
Masters of Science (Speech and Language Pathology)

Australian National University
Bachelor of Science (Psychology)

Hanen: It Takes Two To Talk

Hanen: Target Words

Lindamood-Bell: Talkies/Visualizing and Verbalizing

Ng Jia Yue, Principal Consultant Speech and Language Therapist


As a parent, you want the best for your child, and that includes ensuring that they can communicate effectively. Meet Jia Yue, a Principal Consultant Speech and Language Therapist at The Private Practice, who has been making a difference in the lives of children and people with special needs for almost a decade.

Jia Yue is highly certified and experienced, having graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Masters of Science in Speech and Language Pathology. She has a passion for improving the lives of children and people with speech delays, language, and communication difficulties.

Jia Yue is well-known for her unmatched knowledge in the area of speech and language pathology. She specializes in one-on-one and small group interventions and is a qualified practitioner of the renowned Hanen program. She focuses on speech, language, social skills, and executive functioning in her interventions.

Jia Yue is an extraordinary therapist whose work has earned her a reputation as a true champion for her clients. She is committed to providing the best possible care and assistance to her clients, and her dedication, understanding, and professionalism have benefited numerous people and their families. She is always looking for new ways to enhance her practice and stay on the cutting edge of her industry, so you can trust that your child will receive the best possible care.


Full Registration
Allied Health Professional Council (AHPC)

Speech and Language Therapy Singapore (SALTS)


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