Edwin Pereira

Edwin Pereira

Executive Director, Financial Coach


Masters in Applied Finance

Australian National University
B.Com. Accounting and Finance

Neuro-linguistic Programming
(Master Practitioner)

Edwin Pereira, Executive Director, Financial Coach


Edwin Pereira is a successful entrepreneur with a track record of innovation and vision. He is in charge of setting the organization’s strategic direction and managing day-to-day operations as the Private Practice’s Executive Director.

When Edwin was employed by ESCO as a Manager of Accounts and HR, he played a crucial role on the organization’s finance team. He oversaw the company’s digitalization effort throughout his time there and was praised for his originality, cooperation, and steadfast dedication to quality. Edwin demonstrated his adaptability and breadth of talents by managing the HR functions of the business in addition to his financial obligations.

Edwin has a degree from Australia National University with a double major in accounting and finance. Also, he has training in neuro-linguistic programming, which enables him to use financial coaching to assist clients in altering their connection with money and improving their financial attitude.

Edwin is a priceless addition to any company or person looking to improve their financial situation thanks to his entrepreneurial drive, business savvy, and commitment to excellence.


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