How To Speak To Your Child When They Are Struggling

Our words can be a double-edged sword. The right ones can inspire, encourage and have positive impact on children. However, when used carelessly, they can have a negative and long-lasting impact on our children, further worsening their mental state.  Don’t Tell Them to Try Harder Avoid making comments like:”Snap out of it!””Just try harder!” Telling…

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How to Listen so Kids Will Talk

How to validate emotions It is natural for humans to feel a wide spectrum of emotions — be it good or bad. What you do with these feelings can make or break you! Taking the time to observe and understand your feelings—a process known as validation—is a cornerstone for mental health. When we validate ourselves,…

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The Cost of Pregnancy Loss- Beyond Money

There are no right words to describe a loss so precious. It does not matter how long you carried your child for, the bond between a mother and their child forms immediately and lasts forever. The pain of empty arms and the bitterness as you watch other families grow, miscarriages are not something understood until…

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When it’s okay to cry…

The Covid-19 is a tough time for many financially, psychologically, and emotionally. Without the usual distractions that we have like work, social life, shopping, the gym, we are forced to come face to face with the problems and feelings that remain dormant beneath the surface. Some of these feelings could be stress from the children,…

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