Hilda Ching

Hilda Ching

Senior Clinical Counsellor/ Clinical Supervisor


Swinburne University of Technology
Masters of Social Science (Professional Counseling)

Swinburne University of Technology
Graduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision

Hilda Ching, Senior Clinical Counsellor/ Clinical Supervisor


With more than fifteen years of counseling expertise as the Associate Director of the Care and Counseling Center at a Polytechnic and leadership counselling experience at the Institute of Higher Learning, Hilda is a superb Senior Lead Clinical Counselor at The Private Practice. She is a widely respected professional in the field of counseling due to her significant knowledge and expertise. At the esteemed Swinburne University of Technology, Hilda earned a Masters of Social Science in Professional Counseling as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision.

Hilda offered great leadership and direction to develop the Pastoral Care and Counseling as well as the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Office throughout her time at the Polytechnic. Her ground-breaking SEN & CARE Framework and appropriate interventions for students and staff in face-to-face counseling, group therapy, and programs to engage students were established as a result of her creative ideas and abilities. A network of care team comprised of two counselors, 80 para-counselors, 38 SEN advisors, 30 Caring in Action in response to Emergency Officers, and two lifestyle coaches was established and strengthened by Hilda.

She also provided clinical counseling supervision for para-counsellors at a Polytechnic, lecturers, counseling interns, and counseling interns in the church.

The two main techniques Hilda uses to assist her clients in overcoming their mental health difficulties are cognitive behavioral therapy and transactional analysis. With the esteemed Singapore Counseling Association (SAC), she is both a Registered Counselor and a Clinical Supervisor, demonstrating her outstanding standards of professionalism and devotion to her field.

Hilda is a unique personality in the industry due to her breadth of knowledge, capacity for leadership, and creative counseling techniques. All those who work with her find encouragement in her unrelenting dedication to both the counseling field and her clients.


Registered Counselor
Singapore Association of Counselors (SAC))

Registered Supervisor
Singapore Association of Counselors (SAC)


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