Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy is a specialized service that aims to improve communication and social skills, as well as address speech delays and disorders

A speech therapist working with a child, using toys and games to improve speech and language skills. The therapist is smiling and engaging with the child, who is holding a toy and making eye contact.

Speech therapists make a difference one word at a time. Communication is not a thing, it is everything. 

Our team of speech therapists understands the importance of effective communication in daily life and strives to make a difference one word at a time.

We offer comprehensive assessments and interventions for the following:

  • Speech delays/disorders: These affect how clear and intelligible someone sounds when speaking. Our therapists specialize in addressing articulation and phonological disorders in childhood, as well as apraxia of speech.
  • Language delays/disorders: Language can be expressed and understood in various ways, including gestures, spoken words, and written words. We offer support for receptive language delays (difficulty understanding messages) and expressive language delays (difficulty sending messages).
  • Social skills difficulties: Social skills involve the use of verbal and non-verbal communication to interact and socialize with others. Our therapists specialize in addressing social communication disorders and working with individuals on the autism spectrum.
  • Stuttering (for children up to 6 years old): Stuttering affects the fluency and smoothness of spoken words. Our therapists offer interventions to help children improve their speech and reduce stuttering behaviors.

With our tailored interventions and support, our clients can develop the communication and social skills needed to thrive in their daily lives.


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