We can provide a variety of training and workshops for individuals, employees, employers, teachers, children and couples not limiting to growth mindset, effective communication, burnout and stress management, working with people with special needs as well as self-care. These training and workshops can be tailored and customized to meet your organizational needs. 

For children: These workshop for children can be focused on their social and emotional needs such as growth mindset, anxiety management, mindfulness training, social skills, coping as well as bullying.

For adolescents: These workshop can be focused on interpersonal and intra-personal relationship skills, confidence and self-esteem, body image, managing expectations,  growth mindset, mental health and resilience.

For teachers: These workshops can be focused on understanding child development, managing challenging behaviors, working with special needs, growth mindset, identifying children at risk of mental health disorders, managing self-harm and suicide.

For parents: These workshops can be focused on positive parenting, “how to talk so your child will listen”, “how to listen so your child will talk”, growth mindset, bonding and attachment.

For employers: These workshops can be focused on leadership, effective communication skills, growth mindset, working with people with special needs and understanding people with special needs. We can also partner companies to provide the Employer Assistance Program to their employees. 

For employees: These workshops can be focused on managing burnout and stress, managing anxiety as well as self-care.


The Private Practice is a leading mental health service provider and holistic developmental center in Singapore with trained and qualified professionals that journey with you to support your needs

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