When it’s okay to cry…

The Covid-19 is a tough time for many financially, psychologically, and emotionally. Without the usual distractions that we have like work, social life, shopping, the gym, we are forced to come face to face with the problems and feelings that remain dormant beneath the surface. Some of these feelings could be stress from the children, disappointment with a spouse, frustrations from constant internal and external disharmony, or grief.

One of the unspoken devastation of the coronavirus pandemic is the stolen moments across the globe. There are no baby showers, postponed weddings, no college graduations, 70th birthday or 50th wedding anniversary celebrations, no congratulatory handshakes, no large sending off for funerals, and no comfort hugs. It has forced us to process both individual and collective grief in the face of an uncertain time which we are powerless to control.

The disruption to our routine and normalcy of life contribute to this universal uneasiness and sadness that we all are feeling. So cry it out, release the tension, release all that stress hormone, let it all out and when you’re done, come back stronger than you were.

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